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Creating space for you to work or play

The sound of loud, or the sound of silence – whatever your needs, we can create a space for you to express yourself and just be you.

Our soundproof recording studios work to trap noise in – when you need to make the magic – and keep noise out, when you need complete quiet.

We work with you to custom design and build your recording studio, to ensure it meets  your needs.

Recording studio acoustic treatment

We build using acoustic treatment, to reduce reverberation or echo. The treatment absorbs the sound and reduces the energy – which is a crucial part of achieving good quality recordings.

As you know quality acoustic treatment and construction can be the difference between time wasted not hitting the mark – and total success. There is a reason musicians aren’t all pumping out tracks from standard spaces like their bedroom or a garage – true experts require perfect acoustics.

Our soundproof recording studios are ideal for:

  • Musicians and composers – for recording music, TV ads, sound tracks
  • Audio Engineers – for recording and mastering artists
  • Podcast Engineers and podcasters – who record and send their editing elsewhere
  • AV engineers – for editing and mastering film and TV shows and ads
  • Music teachers – especially drum and guitar – and home artists

If you are looking for a bespoke, recording space for your home or office that is a cheaper alternative to a recording studio check out our Soundbooths!

We are good at what we do - just like you

Put simply - we know our stuff.

We have the technical knowledge and experience in this industry, to provide a solution that’s right for you - with the highest quality craftsmanship. Each client needs a different solution, so we take the time to ensure the end result specifically meets your needs.

Get in touch today so we can go through your recording needs - and the solution we can provide for you.

Contact us to create your quiet space today!

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