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Quality finishes and effective results

We provide quality soundproofing to meet your specific needs with our straightforward, professional solutions. Through 30 years of experience we have perfected our approach to projects – and the formula is pretty simple! It’s about priorities.

Our priorities are our clients, our workmanship and our end result. We understand deadlines and we can be flexible to avoid disruption to you. We don’t compromise on quality. We communicate with you every step of the way to ensure you get the end result you expected.

Soundproof Solutions is a family construction business, specialising in acoustic soundproofing in Brisbane. We don’t just provide a service – we give you a solution.

Our Soundproof Solutions

The sound of loud – or the sound of silence – whatever your needs, we can create a space for you to express yourself. Our soundproofing solutions work to trap noise in, when you need the freedom to be loud – and keep noise out – when you need complete quiet. We work with leading acoustic engineers to  get the best result for you.

Healthcare clinic caring for patient

Office Soundproofing

Develop a safe and secure environment for your clients - with our quiet office solution so you can guarantee consultations are completely private. Let us help you improve your client experience - so you can improve your service.

Soundproof Booths

We can custom build a Soundproof Booth if you need a soundproof space for podcasting, voiceover work, lectures or online consultations. The specifications will be designed specifically for you.

Recording Studios

The quality of your recording environment is essential to producing quality music. We custom build soundproof recording studios - so you can create your best work.
Acoustic treatment installed in a boardroom to improve sound quality and reduce echoes for effective meetings and presentations.

Acoustic improvements

Our construction knowledge allows us to create the - bespoke acoustic improvements you need - in the office or at home. We can help you to block noise from outside rooms or reduce echo within a space.

Our Local Team - Soundproofing in Brisbane

We are proud to provide soundproofing in Brisbane with a local team building right here. This means we can oversee the entire process and ensure quality from start to finish.

Our sensational team are all passionate about quality construction. Everyone we hire shares our philosophy of quality as our utmost priority.

We pride ourselves on our technical skills, which have been honed over years of experience – and our attention to detail is what sets us apart.

As our valued customer, you benefit from our long – standing relationships with quality subcontractors and suppliers. You will get a great product at a very competitive price!

Contact us to create your quiet space today!

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