Creating Quiet Spaces

We create custom made soundBOOTHs that can be made to suit your sound and size requirements

In the age of online learning we can create a soundBOOTH to fit your space and sound requirements.  Give Rod a call to discuss improving the learning experience for your students.


We have a variety of methods to increase the privacy of your meeting rooms so staff and clients get the privacy they deserve.

We can enhance your clients experience by providing a range of soundproofing services

Improve the dining experience for your customers by engaging us to fix the acoustics of your space.

We work with musicians and producers to create a space where they can work or play with great sound and no outside noise.

We work with industry leading production companies to provide perfect recording spaces.  WE can modify a room or build a custom made soundBOOTH to fit yor space and sound requirements

One of our favourite jobs to do!  We provide a number of options to improve the acoustics of school halls and bingo halls. 

One of our favourite jobs to do!  We provide a number of options to improve the acoustics of school halls and bingo halls.  

The best results for Soundproofing and Acoustic improvements are achieved by incorporating into the initial build.  We are happy to work with your builder or architect to achieve a perfect sounding space. 

Rod has been working in the area of Sound for more than 15 years.  He has great relationships with Acoustic Engineers and has a great knowledge of all the latest acoustic materials.

Soundproofing Solutions for Business

Soundproof Solutions have been working with businesses since 2005. Our aim is to provide exactly the right soundproofing result to ensure that all of your needs are taken into account.

There are a variety of options available. Our initial consultation has been designed so that we can determine which is the best for your particular circumstances. We have long standing relationships with highly trained Acoustic Engineers, so you can benefit from their experience. The best solution will depend on:

  • your type of business
  • specific needs
  • budget
  • permanency
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Reward yourself with the benefits of silence

Our Soundproofing Services

Acoustic Improvements

Improving the sound quality of your space. Reducing echo, chamber effects and reverberation, and increasing privacy.

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Jam rooms, sound booths or podcast rooms: play the drums at midnight, don’t hide in the cupboard to do your podcast.

Reward yourself with the benefits of silence

Types of Business we most often help

If you have a large space with partitioned offices, you may not have enough privacy. Many of our clients approach us to solve this issue for them. They may have a board room where confidential information is openly discussed with a need for it to remain confidential.

We can provide soundproofing solutions for achieving the levels of privacy required. This means that your leadership teams will be more comfortable. They will be happier discussing issues without the worry of inadequate privacy.

Allied Health Practitioners are another Industry type that we increasingly work with. The need for privacy in their environment is paramount. Their clients need to know that anything they say remains between them and their therapist. The conversations they are having will not be overheard and must remain private.

This is of course not the only reason for Allied Health professionals to soundproof their rooms. Have you ever been sitting waiting for an appointment at your Chiropractor and heard yells of pain coming from the room you are about to go into?

If you have been in this or a similar position you will understand how unnerving this can be. As a practitioner, this is not an ideal way to begin a relationship with a new client. Soundproofing offers a quick and effective way to help start that relationship much more positively!

There are some types of business where the very nature of the work means that it is noisy. Call Centres are a perfect example of this. You may have upwards of 20 people talking at the same time which in itself can be distracting. If you have an office off to one side, closing the door may not be enough to shut out the noise of your co-workers. It can be disruptive and reduce productivity for all staff.

We know that frequent disruption, due to noise can be stressful for some personnel. As employers, we want to do the right thing for the welfare of our personnel. If you would like to have a discussion about your soundproofing options, please get in touch. You can telephone us or email us. One of our soundproofing specialists will contact you to organise a consultation.

We also do a lot of work to reduce echo and reverberation in school halls, retirement village halls and churches.

Echo in these rooms is very distracting for the audience and hard for presenters who have to speak louder to be heard. We work with Acoustic Engineers to achieve a more professional and productive environment.

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Noisy meeting rooms

Create your Quiet Space