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Soundproof your office space to improve your client experience

When it comes to soundproofing an office space, there are a variety of options. The right one for you will depend on your type of business, soundproofing needs, budget and permanency. Our initial consultation has been designed so that we can recommend the best solution for your particular circumstances.

Let us help you create a secure environment for your clients – and improve their experience.

Whether you’re in commercial offices or medical suites, your clients need complete privacy – and peace of mind knowing their conversation won’t be overheard.

Soundproof offices provide this safe space, ensuring confidentiality and comfort for everyone.

We know frequent disruption due to noise can also reduce productivity and cause unnecessary stress for your staff. While open plan offices can be great – ensuring staff are able to work in a peaceful environment can make all the difference.

We have been working with businesses for 20 years, providing exactly the right office soundproofing solution to ensure that all of their noise reduction needs are met.

We have solid relationships with highly trained acoustic engineers, so you can benefit from their experience and we can ensure all technical specifications are perfect.

Soundproofing - or acoustic improvements?

It’s important to differentiate between soundproofing and acoustic improvement (also referred to as reverberation or echo).

Soundproofing is stopping the transmission of sound from one space to another. Soundproofing is important if privacy is an issue!

Acoustic Improvement is reduction of the echo in a room – or a group of rooms. Acoustic improvements are great for boardrooms and open plan offices.

In our experience, most scenarios need one or the other – but some scenarios need both.

It often depends on your budget. If you cannot afford the time or cost to completely soundproof your space – we can provide a reasonable alternative in conjunction with a good acoustic improvement. In these cases, a great result can still be achieved.

It’s important to note, there is an Australian Standard for soundproofing between spaces – as well as reverberation time inside different rooms. For example, a school multipurpose hall can have a long reverberation time – but a video conference room cannot.

Need acoustic improvements – rather than soundproofing? – Head to our acoustic improvements page.

If you’re not at all sure what you need – no worries! Just get in touch and we can work with you to get you sorted.

If you believe you may require acoustic improvements, rather than soundproofing, head to our acoustic improvements page.

If you’re not at all sure what you need – no worries! Just get in touch and we can work with you to plan a strategy.

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Office Soundproofing Solutions

Sound can transfer through a room in many ways – whether it’s through a window, gaps in the doors, around the ends of the walls where they meet – or even through vent grilles and downlights.

During our initial office soundproofing consultation, we inspect your office and diagnose the primary culprits of sound transmission.

We can develop an economical solution to resolve most of these problems – with the overall result being a huge reduction in sound transmission from one space to another.

In most cases, the process of reducing sound to a tolerable level is cost effective and efficient. However, some spaces may require larger scale modifications to the walls and ceilings.

Why Soundproof Solutions?

Our experience is what sets us apart. In a perfect world, we would build the soundproofing in when you are completing your office build. But we also have a range of options for retrofitting which are economical and practical.

We understand your office space is an integral part of your business. Construction in your place of work can seriously disrupt productivity. We help mitigate this for you by achieving results efficiently – and being flexible about when we conduct our work, to ensure minimal disruption.

We are able to complete the project quickly, because we know what we are looking for – and we know how to fix it.

Contact us to create your quiet space today!

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