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Custom Made Soundproof Booths

The SoundBooth - by Soundproof Solutions

Perfect for use at home or at work, our completely customised soundproof booth can be designed to meet your needs.

Whether it’s for quality sound recording, meetings, podcasts, jam rooms or a peaceful work space – we can design and build you the perfect solution.

The Soundproof Solutions SoundBooth is custom made with quality materials and workmanship, to suit your space and needs. We have a range of sound reduction options available – with customised acoustic absorption.

Our construction team builds your SoundBooth from scratch, with the size modified to fit your space. We work alongside an industry leading acoustic engineer to ensure the end result is exactly what you need.

What makes the SoundBooth different?

Soundproof Booths are designed to be a private space for you to either make a lot of noise and not be heard – or block out a lot of noise for privacy and concentration. Our SoundBooths work for both!

Here’s the trick when it comes to soundproofing – two light or medium walls will be more effective than one heavy wall. Soundproof Booths become a ‘room inside a room’ – making them very effective.

There are no other Australian – based companies making this type of product. If you investigate you will find – most other soundproof booths sold in Australia are imported from overseas. We make your soundBooth here – just for you!

The SoundBooth has the following benefits:

  • A prefabricated structure – so it is produced consistently and efficiently
  • Custom built – the level of soundproofing can vary based on your needs
  • Power – it comes with lights and power connections, with a plug & play setup
  • Ventilation – which can be connected to your existing AC system
  • Portable – it can be relocatable when you move house or office space.

Soundproof Booths - Record a pin drop

Our Soundproof Booths can be used for any space - for any use.
We will tailor the SoundBooth to suit your needs.

Podcast Booth

Soundproof solutions can install a SoundBooth at your home or office, for the purpose of producing podcasts. With plenty of room for recording equipment - and the best door seals to keep the sound clear - and outside noise quiet - you can create a high quality podcast.

Voice Over Booth

We can design soundproof booths for perfect sound which can be installed in your home or office. The size and fittings of the SoundBooths are fully customised depending on the use, budget and space available.

Lecture Theatre

Create a professional workspace where interruptions are a thing of the past. We have worked in conjunction with leading universities to create soundproof booths that can be used for perfect quality online lectures or meetings.

Recording Studio

We have sold our SoundBooths to rap artists, saxophonists, drum players and rock bands who need a space to rehearse and record - free from outside noise.

Therapy Room

Our SoundBooth can also be used as a retreat, for those who need a quiet space to rest and restore - or vent their frustrations. We have worked with many NDIS clients who have found the SoundBooth incredibly useful as therapy rooms.

Exceptional customer service meets exceptional quality

We pride ourselves on providing a highly - positive client experience. You are not just a project to us - you are our priority. We communicate with you every step of the way and ensure you’re involved in the process, so you get what you want.

Get in touch today for an obligation free chat about your soundproofing needs.

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