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Acoustic Improvements

Acoustic treatment installed in a boardroom to improve sound quality and reduce echoes for effective meetings and presentations.

Acoustic treatment to enhance your space

Looking for acoustic treatment in Brisbane?

We can provide soundproofing solutions to give you the level of privacy you need, in your chosen space. Do you need a soundproof boardroom, so your leadership teams will be more comfortable conducting confidential meetings? Or reduced echo in your open plan office? We can design and build – the right solution for you.

Frequent disruption due to noise can be stressful – for both clients and for staff. Whether you’re in a doctor’s office or a call centre – lots of noise can impact the service you are providing – and the productivity of your staff.

Large spaces with partitioned offices can be great for collaboration – but you may also find at times you don’t have enough privacy. Many of our clients approach us for help with this problem.

Let us help you solve your acoustic challenges! We specialise in many areas, including commercial offices, medical suites, lecture theatres, schools, retirement villages and restaurants.

How do acoustic improvements work?

Take a moment to think about the many sounds we hear, at any given time in a large office space. People chatting, phones ringing, machines printing, keyboards clicking, air conditioners humming, people eating – these sounds can bounce off all the nearby surfaces, creating reverberation.

Reverberation makes the noise feel louder and more imposing – which can be distracting, reducing your productivity. The other issue we often find in these spaces is the need to have private conversations – and the difficulty in finding a space to conduct them.

We supply and install sound absorptive panels, affixed to the walls and ceilings. These serve to reduce the reverberation/echo and provide a more relaxed environment.

To meet your needs, we work with an acoustic engineer – who will calculate the type and quantity of sound absorption materials required for each space. We then install it where it’s needed. The panels can be standard or custom made with company colours, logos or panoramic photographs. They can be any pattern, shape and colour you want.

Sound absorption is most commonly used in:

  • Open plan offices or those with glass partitions
  • Spaces where confidential conversations need to be held
  • Offices with concrete floor and walls
  • Conference rooms – or any other large open plan space with more than one conversation occurring at the same time
  • School facilities
  • Retirement village/halls
  • Hospitality venues

It’s simple really – when privacy is ensured in a workplace, productivity improves.

Why Soundproof Solutions?

We are the only company in South East Queensland undertaking this kind of work – providing both design, material supply and installation.

Many companies sell materials used for acoustic treatment – but we offer the full solution, from start to finish. This means you can rely on us for project management. We are across all the details for every stage of the project – and we make sure it all comes together seamlessly.

We work alongside acoustic engineers to guarantee the technical specifications are exact. We’re not happy until you’re happy – the job’s not done until you have the solution you need.

Our Experience

We have completed acoustic improvement projects for:

  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT) – The film and TV school
  • University of Queensland (UQ) – Various lecture theatres
  • Government departments offices – open plan offices and video conference rooms
  • Energex
  • QLD Treasury
  • State Emergency Service (Kedron HQ) – main incident meeting room
  • Various public and private schools – music rooms
  • LPNG projects for the international team – video conference meetings
  • Commercial office clients – varying from real estate to mining companies
  • Medical professionals – primarily psychologists and occupational therapists
  • Retirement villages
  • Community halls and libraries,
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes
soundproof panels in indoor spaces and halls

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